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Michel Colombier (May 23, 1939 – November 14, 2004) was a French composer, songwriter, arranger, and conductor. He wrote the scores of several motion pictures and TV productions. He also wrote chamber music and ballets. With composer Pierre Henry, he wrote music for Messe pour le temps. It's the great Michel Colombier. Well, God is by Prince, and given that it's not performed in the film but the incidental music for the love scene. MICHEL COLOMBIER - The Official Site The piece Emmanual is from an album of music called Wings. But I'm not sure where I'm trying to locate the following sheet music: "Emmanuel" by Michel Colombier I heard it on Branford Marsalis' album Romances for.

Jun 25, 2012 It was one of his fave pieces, Emmanuelle, composed by Michel Colombier, with its achingly haunting melody that comes vertiginously close.

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